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February 10, 2016.Floortje.0 Likes.9 Comments

This Sunday it’s Valentine’s Day which means we really need to think about what to do and what to get. I think everybody is getting their V-day gifts last minute, when it gets really stressful. Believe me, it is actually so easy to share the love and make your loved ones feel special. For me, flowers are one of the most beautiful gifts a woman can get. Soft pink peonies, so romantic (so boys, if you’re reading this; I prefer these than red roses! haha)

If you really want to give your special someone something, than here are my tips! Besides roses, champagne, chocolate and lingerie are one of the best things to get. That’s why they couldn’t be missing in this Valentine’s Day Wishlist. These are definitely the key-items for a romantic and sexy night! If you want to add some more fun to your gifts, than these funny socks or boxers from Happy Socks are really the best gift ever- yet still useful. But remember, this day is all about love so don’t forget to share it with everybody! Hope you liked my wishlist, would love to hear your best gift tips! Stay updated for more V-day posts! Xx


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