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First and foremost, you must always be conscious about what you eat. I’m not talking about calories, but it’s still wise to eat a little healthy during the holiday season. Yes, that’s harder because there is a lot of food, and not everything is completely healthy. Want to avoid drama about healthy eating and enjoying Christmas? Combine both of them.

Girls are luckier then guys during Christmas. Girls can find pleasure in healthy food more easily than men, so healthy snacking is generaly less of a problem for the ladies. Lucky you. However, finding healthy, yet very tasty snacks isn’t hard.


It’s best if you forget about calories during the holidays. Everyone thinks that calories make you fat, but it’s sugar. Now I’d like to challenge you to come up with a favourite holiday snack, that’s also sugar free. Exactly, there barely is. But you can make your own, which is usually healthier anyway.

Healthy doesn’t mean boring, you don’t have to chew on carrot sticks for three days. But you can replace sugary cookies and chocolates with fruits and veggies. You only need to prepare it a bit. If you want to go voor 100 percent healthy? Visit this page and be amazed what you can do with just a strawberry and a banana.

Serving up only fruits can be a bit boring too. But we’ve got a solution for that as well. There are snacks that are really healthy and those you can eat everyday. Popcorn for instance. Add some maple syrup and make popcorn balls. Or cut small slices of a zucchini, fry it, sprinkle some sea-salt on it and voil√†. You’ve just created the healthy equivalent of potato chips. Be sure to read these recepe’s if you need more inspiration this Christmas.

So, should you watch what you eat during Christmas?

Well, it’s like I said. You should always eat consciously, but don’t panick if you ‘accidentaly’ eat a piece of chocolate or help yourself to a second serving during dinner. The holidays are for enjoying yourself and part of that is eating all the godly Christmas delicacies. So, no. You shouldn’t go crazy about what you need to eat. But it’s always wise to invest some time into making the healthier alternatives.


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