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Welcome to the New Floortjeloves!

April 2, 2019.Floortje.2 Likes.2 Comments

My loves, where to begin.. First of all, I am so sorry it took so long to write to you again. Since I decided to change up things in February, I haven’t’ been posting here on the blog. Simply because of two main reasons ; I first needed a clear vision of what the new Floortjeloves was going to be like and what I wanted. Second ; I couldn’t post before the new website was ready for some technical reasons (backups etc.). Think it is my first time since 2011 that I haven’t been writing for almost two months and gosh, how I missed it!

Let’s begin with why I changed up things in the first place. For the ones who followed me from the very beginning, know that I once started Floortjeloves as a personal blog. For me it was a way to share my inspiration and passion and up until today, I am so happy I started this platform. Is has brought me so much joy, opportunities and life lessons. All your support throughout the years goes beyond my words, really. 

After six years of doing the blog, I wanted to try out something new and think bigger. That is why I changed up Floortjeloves and transformed it into an online magazine in September 2017. With different contributors writing about different subject, I tried to create a new platform. For me it was to see what direction I could go to as well. I have always been this big dreamer and making Floortjeloves THE online platform has been one of them. 

Last year I created some amazing contributors around me that helped me with content and growing Floortjeloves. But, after a few months of trying really hard, I kinda lost myself. Even though I really enjoyed working with different people, I also felt like I lost the vision of Floortjeloves. I also noticed – even got some comments/emails – that you guys still loved to read my personal posts and missed the old blog. And that started me to think..

Next to the fact that you missed the old personal blog, I missed it as well. Writing has always been a passion of mine, such as fashion, beauty and lifestyle. This all together helped me to decide to go back to the beginning: a personal blog, written and edited by me.

What you can expect on the new Floortjeloves? Well, actually everything I did before 2017. Sharing my passion and thoughts, cool brands I love and tips and trick I feel like sharing. The new Floortjeloves also comes with a new logo, fresh and handwritten for a personal touch, and with a new web layout ; clean and simple.

I really hope you are still on me with this new start. I am sorry if I let you down, but sometimes life is about experimenting to see what works best. Well, for me it is back to were it once started, and I sincerely hope you are with me on this journey.

Thank you for reading this and following my journeys along. Sending you lots of love, Floortje.

Floortjeloves, welcome back, new, new Floortjeloves, dante6, Dante 6, dante says
Floortjeloves, welcome back, new, new Floortjeloves, dante6, Dante 6, dante says
Floortjeloves, welcome back, new, new Floortjeloves, dante6, Dante 6, dante says
Floortjeloves, welcome back, new, new Floortjeloves, dante6, Dante 6, dante says

I was wearing:

Jacket: Dante6
Dress: Dante6
Bag: Sandro
Booties: Chloé

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  • Julialoves . April 2, 2019 . Reply

    Zo trots op jou! Ga zo door schat ❤️

    • (Author) Floortje . April 3, 2019 . Reply

      Ahhhh zo lief schatje!!!! xxxxxxxxx

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