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March 9, 2018.Floortje.0 Likes.1 Comment

On your request, it is time to take you with me on a normal day and share with you what I eat in a day. From my breakfast routine to cooking my dinner; I filmed everything I eat and drink (except of the liters water ;-)). When it comes to my breakfast and lunch, I eat quite similar during the week, but for dinner I try to variate a lot with my food. From many different vegetables, to meat, fish or vegetarian. This evening I cooked something quite ‘Dutch’. The best meat for the cold weather lately! So in case you are looking for a nice Dutch recipe.. here you go! In case you are looking for more recipes as well, thank check this page to get inspired. I will try to make more recipes, so keep an eye on it ;-).

Hope you enjoyed watching my What I Eat in a Day video and get inspired by my routine! Have a lovely weekend! Xx


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  • Doreen Rothstein . March 11, 2018 . Reply

    You know i always wait for your new post.Because your’s tips and ideas are really helpful and easy to do.Thank you very much for publish.

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