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I created this platform in 2011 to share my inspiration and things that interested me. Mostly about fashion, beauty and lifestyle. After the years I also realized it is a way to share information. Important things that matter you as a person or in the world. Today I am writing one of these posts since there is this subject I want to talk about. Let’s share more information about the morning after pill..!

I think I can say that there is no woman who wishes for unwished pregnancy. You are too young and cannot raise a child. Or you had a one night stand with a guy that you won’t see as the father of your children. Than it pretty sucks if you had unsafe sex. Yes let just call it that way. It is great to have fun and experiment with love, but doing it in a safe way is as important. I promise this post is not going to be a leaflet of how you should have sex or not. But I do want to share information I got to know about the morning after pill and you should know as well. Next to that I want to share my own experiences with it because yes, I had to take one once as well.

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Let’s start with some facts first, because just 13% of the women knows how a pill like this works. Time to break some fables and share the truth so you will all know now as well. The most important misunderstanding must be that people think a morning after pill is the same as having an abortion. Well, it is absolutely not! Like I said, I had to take one once as well because the condom broke and I wasn’t using any other anti-conception products (Yes thank you Floor for being so open. Well, your welcome for this private information). So like is said, I had to buy one as well. It made me a little anxious because you hear the stories about the sickness you can get from it..

Now I hear you thinking ‘So what did you do?’

Well, I took the pill anyway and I actually felt nothing. I wasn’t sick and felt like I always did. Now I learned that it is more than normal to feel just like any other day. Just 1 of 10 woman have a headache or stomach pain after using the morning after pill. Next to that, the pill doesn’t contain any hormones like people think they do, so it isn’t bad for your cycles. There is always a chance of pregnancy and there are no safe days in your cycles, so don’t trust on that after having unsafe sex.

There are over 30,000 abortions every year, which we can prevent by having safe sex or take a morning after pill in the worst case. Did you know you can take the EllaOne pill up to 5 days after you had unsafe sex and can just get it in your local drugstore? Nothing scary about that I would say. ElleOne also works two days before the ovulation, so there is less chance on pregnancy. It is basically delaying your ovulation so you will still have a normal cycle, but without the chance of having a child. There are up to 6,000 pills sold every week, so next time you are in a doubt then read this article again and think of me. Buying the morning after pill after having unsafe sex is always easier than raising a child you didn’t expected.

*Please do not forget that it is still an emergency solution and not a way to prevent unwished pregnancy.

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  • Short Girl Long Jacket . January 15, 2018 . Reply

    Thanks for sharing this info! It’s shocking that only 13% of women know. I’ve also had to take it but I didn’t have any side effects luckily.

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