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You have these kind of people that look up for the best parties to go to on New Years Eve and have the time of their lives. But than you also have the kind of people who absolutely hate New Years Eve. Guess I belong to the last group. As much as I love Christmas, the less I love New Years Eve. The pressure of having fun is just not my thing, especially since it is often not so much fun. To overcome a disappointment, I made myself a promise to not go out and party like everyone else. But staying in my bed until the 2nd of January doesn’t sound like a great idea either. So, what to do on NYE..? Here are our tips!

1. Organize a dinner for your friends

Invite your closets friends or your family for the last dinner of 2017. Food and wine always make you happy and let you forget it is New Years Eve.

2. Search for the best firework show in town

You can say a lot about New Years Eve and firework, but if you see a real big and professional show, it is always nice to watch. Right? Search on the internet for the best place to enjoy a real big ass firework show and go to bed before 1 am.

3. Give a ‘we don’t like Halloween Party’ 

Including a dress-up theme for the fun and good old disco music to dance on. This is the time of the year you won’t hear your neighbors crying because you’re still partying, so better take this moment.

4. Have a Harry Potter marathon

Because these are the best movies ever made.

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