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Everyone wants to show off when they go on vacation. When you’re at the beach in the perfect morning sun, legs tanned and that new bikini just perfect. You just have to take a selfie and post it somewhere. But to get the perfect memories from your trip, you need to think way ahead. After you’ve booked your ticket and you’re ready and waiting for the date to come, you need your packing list to be just right. You don’t want to be missing any crucial pieces when you get there, so let’s go over what you simply have to take along.

Sun protection

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Photo by Jernej Graj on Unsplash

First and foremost, let’s take care of your skin. Yes, you are going to be dancing around the beach for day and night and eventually, you’re going to get a tan. But before you get it, you need to protect your skin so you don’t burn. The best way to do this is to get a high-quality sunscreen (SPF 50+ please!) and put it on every time you go out. Don’t forget to reapply it every time you go in the water as well. Speaking of tan, you don’t want to have your first few days feature you whiter than the sand you’re standing on. Use a good self-tanner or just spend some time in the sun before you go on your trip to already get there slightly bronzed.

Back to sun protection, we have to talk about your head. A big straw hat is not only a fantastically stylish fashion accessory, but it’s also the only way to protect the top of your head from direct sunlight. Put it on whenever you are out in the sun. When you go in the water, make sure you get your head wet – don’t worry about your blow-dry, the salt in the sea will take care of your waves. Lastly, we can’t leave without talking about the most important fashion accessory: sunglasses. Find the perfect pair that suits your face shape, or go for a classic Ray Ban for an effortless, casual look. Make sure they have high-quality lenses that actually protect your eyes. Now you are ready to take off the sunny beaches.

Be comfortable

floortjeloves, WHAT TO PACK FOR AN INSTAGRAM ENVY VACATION, what to, packing, packing tips, travel, travel tips

Photo by Joanna Nix on Unsplash

You’re on vacation, in a new place, perhaps a new country and you want to do some exploring. Of course you can’t do that if you’re not wearing something comfortable to keep you on your feet for the entire day. Firstly, for evenings and any fancy dinners, you will want a pair of heels. Strappy sandals are great for a beach vibe, but if you are vacationing somewhere classy, let’s say Milan, you might want a pair of pumps instead. For daytime explorations, a sturdy comfortable pair of women’s Birkenstock sandals is a great option for a fashionable look. Especially when paired with something like a wide-leg, flowy pair of pants and a strappy tank top.

Lastly, let’s address the beach. You might want to go all out and go barefoot, but that is not the best idea. The sand gets so hot that it can actually burn your feet. Or if you are on a pebble beach, you might cut your foot on a sharp stone or a piece of glass. This is why a pair of sandals – preferably ones that you can wear in the water – is a crucial part. And if you don’t think they’re stylish, you can always take them off when posing.

Have the look

floortjeloves, WHAT TO PACK FOR AN INSTAGRAM ENVY VACATION, what to, packing, packing tips, travel, travel tips

Photo by OLA Mishchenko on Unsplash

The sun will take care of the filter and the beautiful glow of your skin., and you probably won’t want to wear any makeup while you’re at the beach. But when you are going sightseeing or out for dinner, you want something that compliments your sun-kissed look. First, we’re talking gold. It’s a color that magnificently compliments bronzed skin. Whether you apply it as a slight shimmer on the inner corner of your eyes, a highlight on your cheekbones or as a bold, golden eyeliner to make a statement look. For your lips, keep it neutral. A deep mauve can work wonders for both daytime and nighttime occasions.


To round up your bag of goodies, you need to have your tech to document your days. If you are going to have to do some work online (which I wouldn’t recommend on vacation), you might want to bring your laptop. However, the essentials are your phone with a charger and a portable charger, as well as your camera with any additions that go with it. If you are traveling alone, a tripod is great for taking pictures of yourself, but also your surroundings. So if you want to devote some time to photography, a tripod is definitely a must-have.

There’s a reason why no clothes were mentioned here: You certainly won’t forget to pack them. Everyone has their own unique style that they want to bring. The golden rules are to bring what you would normally wear at home and what you think suits the place you’re going to. Make sure you don’t forget your bathing suit and cover up, along with your favorite beach towel. But even if you do, what is a better excuse to buy a few new things while you’re away? Remember that you’re not going there to take pictures. You’re going there to have fun, so put that first and the pictures will naturally follow.

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