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October 19, 2016.Floortje.0 Likes.16 Comments

Halloween is around the corner and I have to say, this must be one of my favorite Holidays. My birthday is around Halloween which makes it the perfect opportunity to give a Halloween party! So these coming days I will give you my tips on how to throw on a Halloween party and how to get dressed. In today’s wishlist you can find some of my favorite costumes for Halloween this year. Going all the way and dress like the Wicked Witch or keep it simple and wear a bloody black dress.

You can also update your normal outfit with the right accessories. Go for a spider choker with a black wig, powder your face while and add some dark lipstick. Sure you’re gonna rock this look! Are you celebrating Halloween as well and, if so, how are you getting dressed for a night of nightmares? And if you have any tips on cool snacks or drinks, I am still looking for those so definitely share them with me!

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