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Many a trend has been showcased on the runways in every single fashion capital. Some trends proved to be timelessly elegant. Others a fad that regular people couldn’t ever hope to pull off in real life. However, there was one trend that, by being incorporated in most of the lines we’ve had the chance to see and hence represents a form of a fashion leitmotif. The one we have in mind is, of course, the pastel trend. Now, pastels have always had a special place in summer’s heart, so it comes as no surprise that they have been a summer staple rocked by countless women we come across daily.

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Still, there’s a catch – how do you wear something that embodies romance, nonchalance, breeziness and whimsy and still manage to look professional and sleek in an office environment? As career goal-getters, women want to be taken seriously and exude a certain amount of authority while still rocking a beloved trend. So how do we get these two worlds to meet in the middle and not collide and crash? That’s the secret we’ll be uncovering today.


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A power suit is a power suit, and regardless of the hue it comes in, it exudes elegance, style, poise and commands respect. This is the first among many pastel options that allow for that perfect collaboration of pastels and power. You can wear a beige or even a dusty blue pastel suit. As long as the cut is smart, the shoulders a bit wider and the trousers fit like a glove, you will have no trouble looking sharp and on trend simultaneously. Just make sure you stock up on basic neutral tops – such as white strappy tops and simple beige blouses for underneath the jacket and you are golden.


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As previously mentioned, there are different kinds of pastel suits. Some that were spotted on the catwalk aren’t really meant for a serious professional. Slouchy blazers with sloping shoulders are definitely not an office yes, which brings us to the second element of mastering pastels.

Regardless of the color you opt for – whether it’s the trendy millennial pink, pale pastel yellow, dusty green, lavender, you can pull anything off if you’re wearing a garment that is structured and well-tailored. It’s all about the fit. Your main concern shouldn’t be the choice of hue. You can rock whichever one flatters your skin tone and body type most, but the cut is essential. Most workplaces still foster a dose of conservativeness. Slouchy and oversized garments would definitely be frowned upon and your reputation as a capable professional would be at risk. Smart cuts, appropriate lengths and simple designs will always have their place.


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Just because it’s a trend, doesn’t mean you have to be covered in pastels from head to toe. For instance, a simple white blouse with a pair of slim leg denim jeans (with a classic pair of pumps, of course) has become perfectly appropriate office attire. But what elevates any professional look is a fitted blazer. This is where you get to add your beloved pastel and not look like an ice-cream cone, but a trendy goal-getter.

Moderation is key. If you’re wearing a pastel skirt for instance, make sure that the top comes from the neutral color palette. White, light grey, or even navy which, for instance, goes wonderfully with both pastel pink and blue. Choose your battles wisely and don’t go overboard.


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If you have seen, say, Michael Kors’ spring/summer collection, you will instantly be aware that dresses such as this one aren’t what one would consider good office wear. Despite being a more than appropriate length. The fabric is simply too soft, overly frilly and far more suitable for the beach than a corporate environment. Even one with a relaxed and casual dress code. The fabric needs to have a certain amount of sturdiness to it, but also allow the body to breathe. Sturdy cotton, breathable linen and even layered silk are perfect for the job, as well as certain cotton-polyester and silk-linen blends. The key is finding pieces that come in a fabric that allows the garment to maintain a certain amount of structure and sturdiness. So when you check the tag, keep an eye out for the information on fabrics.

So, remember these rules – great fabrics, power-exuding cuts, combinations of dark and pastel hues. The power suit is mandatory, as it does seem to have staying power. And finally keep your accessories and footwear neutral as well. Nudes, whites, powder and camel tones – stick with these and you are safe.

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    Fashion is a distinctive and often habitual trend in the style in which a person dresses. It is the prevailing styles in behavior and the newest creations of textile designers.

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