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The good thing about your birthday being sometime during the winter season is that everyone you want at your party is most likely to be available. Most people scatter during the summer and fall, but in the winter, everyone returns and real life begins again.

Therefore, your very first essential – a room full of people you love is already checked off the list. Now, in order to have a smashing birthday party, you need, aside from your guests, a whole lot more. So, without further ado, we’re going to jump right into it because your birthday is probably just around the corner and we want to make sure you have the best one yet.

Glam winter birthday party

Glam up

Since you’re the main person here, this is your day, you need to look absolutely fabulous. You only get to throw a party like this once a year so spare no expense when it comes to your look. Whatever is on your birthday wishlist, be it a designer dress, a bag, those shoes you’ve been ogling for a while now – it’s time to treat yourself. Don’t think of these things as mere purchases, think of them as your birthday gifts to you. You’ve done great this year, you deserve everything you desire. Put your best makeup look on, and with your chosen outfit, leave your guests completely floored.
Always a good idea

Glam winter birthday party

If you are the creative type, you will most certainly want a theme. It can be whatever you want – Old Hollywood glam, your favorite decade, a costume party, a Great Gatsby-inspired party – whatever you want, do it. Just make sure your printed or e-vites clearly state what the theme is so the guests can appear properly attired. Let’s face it, a themed party always trumps a regular one. Just make sure you plan an indoor party as you don’t want your guests to freeze.

Of course, with the theme comes the décor. Therefore, you need to land on the theme before you start gathering your supplies. If it’s a Hollywood party, make sure you have fancy crystal glasses, a crystal chandelier, the finest china and a whole lot of confetti. The Gatsby party is not much different, just go bigger with balloons and confetti. If it’s a particular decade you’re fond of, we suggest you get some movie posters, possibly a few blacklight ones.

If you decide on the ‘60s or ‘70s, try to get a vintage turntable and play music from real records as opposed to from a laptop. Think hard about your music choices – they don’t necessarily have to reflect the theme but make sure your tunes get people dancing, so throw in something for everyone.

Food, glorious food

Unless you’re planning on organizing a sit-down dinner party, you might want to prepare foods that are easy to eat while mingling and dancing. You can have anything from toasted ravioli to tiny pastries, individual seven-layer dips or delicious individual enchilada cups. Of course, you need to have options for your vegan, vegetarian, not to mention your organic-only friends, so make sure to get the best organic food online.

Glam winter birthday party

People will be drinking and dancing, so they need a little something to put in their belly in order to have the energy to keep the party going and it’s your responsibility to make sure absolutely everyone has great finger-food options.

A true party essential

Apart from a few people in your circles who don’t drink, others will highly appreciate a variety of drinks. You can play with cocktails, even hire a professional bartender if you think it will elevate your party – especially if you’re going for full glam. However, you can always just provide fine wines, enough beer and definitely a variety of spirits. What’s a birthday party without a few shots? Tequila, vodka and gin are your definite go-tos. Now, it’s a party.

Happy winter birthday to you

Yes, it’s not a party without food and drinks. However, it is definitely not a birthday party if you don’t have an amazing cake. It’s your day, you need to blow out those candles and make your birthday wishes. Now, instead of going for a traditional chocolate cake or something along those lines, it would be much more refreshing and interesting to try something else. So, why not try something like a fresh fig sour cream cake, which is perfect for the fall season? It’s easy to make and absolutely delicious.

If you have more guests and one cake doesn’t cover it, another super-interesting option is a cheesecake, but not just any kind, but a Villa Massa limoncello cake! Don’t worry, it won’t get your guests tipsier, as you’ll be using just a dash of it. Whatever is left, you can put on the table with the drinks so it’s a win-win.

Now that you have all of your bases covered, it’s time to start planning. There are plenty of decisions to make, so waste no time. Oh, and happy birthday!

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